Vote DIY! Or Die!

Okay, we’re not gonna actually kill you. But it would be rather nice of you to vote for us to win the Super M Blogger Comp which will see Bob and Nick kicking it to Ibiza to bring you the greatest story ever written. Or at the very least, it’ll be pretty good, hopefully. We’re up against some of the biggest blogs in the country and while they have a lot of followers, this is Durban, we don’t follow, we team up and kick ass.   It’s... Read More


We got invited to the MK MVP launch, but since it was in Cape Town, and we’re not, we decided to send Nick Mulgrew just to make sure some of the free food and booze didn’t go to waste. After wolfing down some Salmon Roses, Nick took in this year’s MVP’s and noticed a few too many similarities.   Five months ago, MK, South Africa’s only non-hip-hop-orientated music channel, made an announcement. They were to give a handful... Read More

Rocking The Daisies

In the relatively few years Rocking The Daisies has been around, it’s grown into one of South Africa’s biggest and best music festivals. If you didn’t make the trip down to CT for this year’s festival, don’t worry, you can still get a feel for it as Nick Mulgrew takes you through the weekend after the jump.   On Saturday night at Rocking the Daisies, the heavens abruptly opened. Two days of dryness ended as the... Read More

The Suip and DIY Guide to Beer in KZN: Part 2

You’ve all read part one of our guide to beer in KZN right? No, well you better check it out here before you get shunned. Today, Nick Mulgrew brings you part two, which is a guide to the best spots to escape the heat in Durbs. Enjoy. We’ve all been there. Stuck in a bland pub with the back end of a NOW That’s What I Call Music! compilation efficiently deadening any conversation. The repetition of Black Eyed Peas lyrics rivaled only by... Read More

The Suip! & D.I.Y Guide To Beer In KZN: Part One

There is an art to beer, that many people just don’t know how to appreciate. Nick Mulgrew, is not one those people. Nick is a man that enjoys beer to such an extent, that he created Suip! A blog entirely about beer in South Africa. The man knows his stuff, and after the jump, he’s dropping knowledge on Microbreweries in KZN in the first part of The Suip! & D.I.Y Guide To Beer In Kzn.       Part 1: Microbreweries an’... Read More