The Hustler Roundup

Nich Hustler is back this month to share all the online 031 releases with you. Make sure you use up all that end of the month cap. There was a wealth of good music coming out of people from the city we love (get used to this phrase) this fine September, I hope you enjoy it. As always any tips you have for the month ahead can be mailed to [email protected]   Michael Lowman, Single: What a day (it’s been) Officially it’s a demo,... Read More

The Hustler Round-up

Welcome to a new monthly feature that we’ll be running to keep you in the loop with local online releases. Nich Hustler explains more after the jump. Hi my name is Nich Hustler, lover of Durban, graphic designer, singer song writer and poet. In that order. So I have been tasked with bringing you up to speed on things that have been released online that you should maybe be aware of in the last month. And so I bring you The Hustler Round Up.   Gangs... Read More