Africa For Norway

Living in Africa, you get used to seeing the West’s misguided attempts to “help” all the time, but it’s time we gave back to those that have given us so much. So this summer, give a thought for those poor people in Norway suffering from cold and help them warm up by sending a radiator or two through Radi-Aid. The video produced by iKind¬†explains things a bit better.   The video was actually picked up by the BBC, which... Read More

Sif Ous – Certified Sif (Music Video)

So, uh, the new Sif Ous video is out… I can’t tell if they’re taking the piss or if they’re being serious, but that’s what makes this video so awesome. Check out this interview Mahala did with Sif Ous and see if you can make sense of it all. And check out their Facebook page here  Read More

Veranda Panda – Fresh (Music Video)

One of Durban’s most original and hard working DJ’s, Veranda Panda, finally has a music video online for his new song, Fresh. It was shot and edited by Durban oke, Marcus Hebbelman and stars other Durban okes,¬†Devon Mundow and Bob Perfect (Hey, that’s me). So uh, yeah, check it out, it’s right above all this writing.  Read More