Taken For Granted (Kinda NSFW)

This is the first in a monthly photo feature by our Editor at Charge, Russell Grant. It’s basically just what we did on the weekend in visual form. Luckily for you, our weekend featured a ballsack, bong snorting, break dancing and da mosh.     A shoe in for this year’s most highly anticipated event was someone who is in no way affiliated with this site’s ballsack appearing on the big screen at the Red Bull Mobile Secret Party.... Read More

Win Free Entry To G!G!B’s Last Show!

  And now, the is near, and G!G!B face the final curtain.  They’ve said it clear, they stated their case, of which they were certain. They’ve lived a life that’s full and traveled each and ev’ry highway, and more, much more than this, they did it their way. You get to witness them do it their way one last time this Saturday at The Winston with Conqueror, Strage and Black Math, and because they hate money, they’ve... Read More