Tidal Waves at Unit 11

Last Thursday, Fruit and Veggies and Tidal Waves played at Unit 11. Matt The Knight writes about seeing Tidal Waves for the first time. Fruit and Veggies. Photo : Erin Wulfsohn Last month Durban hosted its annual film festival (DIFF), where for ten glorious days the constant stream of Hollywood mass produce is interrupted by one-off passion pieces; creative and flavoursome films that have been carefully crafted by, often unknown, directors from around... Read More

Desmond & The Tutus At Unit 11

By Matt TheKnight   Let me tell you something Durban, you make me insecure.You are fickle and unpredictable, and these days I resent you as often as I love you.   Last Friday was particularly bad for me. I felt like the spotty chubby girl from the now tired 90’s high school dance metaphor. It was starting to rain, and there was more than one gig happening. That combination can usually only lead to oh-so many of us debating endlessly where... Read More

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