Rocking The Coast

One day, when Matt Knight writes another review, there will be a review free from genital references on this site. But until then, here’s Bob Perfect’s review of Rocking The Coast with E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N, Lowprofile and Manuvah To Land. Ah, Toti. My impression of the place is that if Umhlanga and Pinetown had a kid and left that kid to grow up on the street, sniffing glue and selling their body, but then that child got adopted by a loving... Read More

Swimming In The Deep End

Matt Knight braves the weather and the CBD to review Gangs Of Ballet’s EP launch which was surprisingly opened by Afro Synth experimentalists Gazelle.   Oh dear. It’s raining on a Friday night in Durban. Oh dear, the gig has been organized in the (gasp) CBD (gasp). Oh dear, there is some world renowned Pasta performing at The Gateway Royal Theater of Dream Shopping Experience™ All of this does not bode well, it’s going to be me and... Read More

Asleep In Transit’s EP Launch

Saturday night saw The Factory Cafe hosting the Asleep In Transit EP launch. Joining them in the homely setting was Thomas Krane and Lace Guns. Matt Knight reviews the evening.   After the interview with Asleep In Transit last week, and having been out of Durban almost every weekend since Christmas, I was excited to get myself down to the EP launch this past Saturday. Being British and therefore having a heightened awareness of the weather,... Read More

The Risen Cake

Matt Knight does a sweet little write up about a sweet little show. Cake or Death featuring Sven The Bear.   As the old adage goes, you can’t keep a good cake down. Out of the flour, eggs and ashes of Unit 11’s Cake or Death has risen a glorious and leavened new weekly event at Florida Road’s The Collective, a sweet little venue with two of the coolest balconies in the entire City. The Walking Cake kicked off with Matt Vend and The Tender... Read More

Two Door Cinema Club

 It may not have been in Durban, but for those there, it certainly felt like it since it seemed like half of the 031 were in Cape Town for Two Door Cinema Club. Matt Knight was one of those people and gives us his thoughts on the show.     Just under a month ago I wrote about the problem of hype, why  sometimes it is okay to be popular, and the importance of bacon sandwiches. (You can read the article here) Since then, the Internet... Read More

Two Door Cinema Club in SA

If you’ve just woken up, this may be the first you’re hearing of Two Door Cinema Club making the trip to the tip of Africa, but the internet has been abuzz all morning since Bangers And Nash broke the news that 5 Gum would be bringing an act that’s actually current and relevant to our shores. Matt Knight got so excited that, after drying his pee soaked pants, he wrote this about the news.   Hype. It’s bloody painful. Whereas... Read More

Julian Redpath at Unit 11

After going on a musical adventure to England for a couple weeks, Matt Knight returns home to Durban to catch yet another world class performance, this time at Unit 11 by Julian Redpath.   I’m a big believer that folk music is the most honest and exposing of all the genres.  What I mean is that it is fairly hard to get away with shallow lyrics, okay-ish concepts or mediocre musicianship with the amount of open space and sensitivity that exists... Read More

Isochronous Inscape Launch 2

As we stated in the previous post, Isochronous were here on Saturday to launch their Inscape album. This is Matt Knight’s take on the evening. Living in Durban for our collective adolescence, we got a little used to what one could call limited options. Gateway or The Pavilion. Town or Umhlanga. English or Zulu. Florida rd or Davenport. Surf with sharks or Support The Sharks. Heck, even our seasons are limited to two; we only really have ‘Summer’... Read More

Man Corner

We here at DIY love I Heart Market, we really do, but as dudes, there’re only so many craft stalls we can endure. Matt Knight writes about the latest addition to the monthly market, Man Corner. The first girlfriend I ever got was called Kerry. We started out being boyfriend and girlfriend because her friend came and told me that we were going out. If I remember it right, I was equal parts pure-stoke and confusion. We held hands and kissed,... Read More

Holiday Murray and Thomas Krane

On Saturday night, Durban got to meet Holiday Murray for the first time. The Capetonians got a warm welcome and were supported by home town folksters Thomas Krane at Unit 11. Matt Knight tells us about this meeting after the jump.     Durban, I sincerely hope that you’re starting to get the picture that if you’re not coming out, you’re missing out.   The quality of bands that are making their way through your great city is fantastically... Read More

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