Veranda Panda – Two In The Same | Video

Here’s an early Christmas gift for ya, already unwrapped and assembled for you, all you have to do is click play. It’s the music video by Sandcastle Studios of Two In The Same by Veranda Panda featuring Jess Sole and it’s got a story line and everything. New music and visual entertainment, what a gift. We spoil you, we really do.    Read More

Liam Magner

Liam Magner is mostly known these days as one half of Veranda Panda but he’s a jack of many artistic trades. DJ, actor, musician, director, producer and *ahem* model, the man knows how to keep busy. We chatted to him about his current projects, how he got to where he is and where he sees himself going.   DIY: When people ask the infamous, “What do you do?” question, what do you say to them? Liam: I say that I’m involved in entertainment... Read More

Sibot at Origin

We know this review is late, but Sibot’s performance at Origin on the 16th of December was too good to let it slide. Bob Perfect does his best at reviewing the show.   I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to electronic music, I’m not the most clued up guy. It’s no secret that I prefer guitar driven music and hip hop because I generally find them to be more expressive. So when I glanced over the line-up for Friday night’s... Read More