Adam Dore

Making a living as an actor in Durban is probably right up there with making a living as a heater salesman here. It’s certainly not easy, but Adam Dore has managed to etch out a living doing what he loves which is why we decided to have a chat with him about theatre in Durban and eating tinned beans for dinner.   DIY: Who is Adam Dore? Adam: He is a guy who lives in Durban and digs making a living by doing the acting and not having time... Read More

Liam Magner

Liam Magner is mostly known these days as one half of Veranda Panda but he’s a jack of many artistic trades. DJ, actor, musician, director, producer and *ahem* model, the man knows how to keep busy. We chatted to him about his current projects, how he got to where he is and where he sees himself going.   DIY: When people ask the infamous, “What do you do?” question, what do you say to them? Liam: I say that I’m involved in entertainment... Read More

The White EP Launch

Veranda Panda may not be a household name yet, but due to constant gigging and producing, they’ve become a well known act in Durban over the last year. They recently launched their first EP, The White EP, and Bob Perfect was there to catch the show.   Over the last year I think I’ve seen Veranda Panda perform in their various forms more than any other musician, band or DJ, in Durban, and at more venues than most, too. Some may say they’ve... Read More