We’re Having An Exhibition of Art ‘n Shit

  Never scared to put our cocks on the line, our rag-tag team of contributors have been working tirelessly to put together an art exhibition for you, our adoring public, this Thursday at The Upstairs. We’ve teamed up with the cool cats at WorkingClass to bring you some Art ‘n Shit. The cocks lining up for the chop belong to Stathi Kougianos, Luke Smith, Russell Grant, Alastair Laird, Grant Payne, Gareth Bargate, Kevin Goss-Ross,... Read More

Sarah Kate Cummins

Sarah Kate Cummins has been exploring the realms of digital painting since she first came into contact with the technique. Her portraits capture the essence of her subjects, bringing them to life in a display of colour and emotion without a brush or pencil ever touching paper. She gives us some insight into her techniques and why she’s leaving our sunny shores for Ireland.   DIY: What sparked your journey into digital painting? is it as... Read More

Lark and the Giant Demon-Pufferfish

Russell Grant watches Lark for his second time and finds a way to deal with his melancholy through their performance (and comes up with his strangest analogy to date) . Here’s his review of their recent album launch at Live.   This was my second time watching Lark live. The first was at Splashy Fen, and I wrote about it here. Nothing much is going to change between that review and this one, other than the place and time, and perhaps the... Read More

That’s just like, your opinion : Life & Death between Chai

Since this site is called Durban is YOURS, we figured we’d get off our high horses and ask you, the general populous, your opinion on various goings-ons around the city. First up, we chat to a couple peeps at the Life & Death between Chai exhibition at The Factory Cafe. Last Thursday saw a couple hundred people pack out The Factory Cafe for Kevin Goss-Ross, Gareth Bright and Caitlin Fay Smith’s photography exhibition, Life &... Read More

Life and Death between Chai. Tonight!

  If you’ve just discovered the internet, then you’re forgiven for not knowing about tonight’s exhibition at The Factory Cafe, but the rest of you have no excuse. Gareth Bright, Kevin Goss-Ross and Caitlin Fay Smith will be exhibiting 91 prints from their separate trips to India. All three are brilliant photographers and have vastly contrasting styles that make for interesting viewing. I managed to get a sneak peak of the... Read More

A night at the pub

Last week saw the stars aligning just perfectly for The Winston Pub to be the host of a rare occurrence these days, a Sibling Rivalry show. Bob Perfect gets all nostalgic and Kevin Goss-Ross brings you the visuals.   I met most of my friends and discovered my favourite bands at The Winston. Those couches that used to be where Origin’s entrance now is, spawned some of the most influential conversations and happiest memories of my life. It’s... Read More

8 Simple Rules for Shooting a Gig

Kevin Goss-Ross has been photographing gigs around the country for years now, and he’s finally had enough of poor photographer etiquette. Kevin wrote this guide to shooting at a music event, and we think he makes some damn fine points.     After Saturday’s show at Live- The Venue, I decided it’s time for someone to come out and say this.   For a while now the fact that South Africa seems not to have any rules or etiquette... Read More

Spoeked, A Photo Feature

We were meant to have a review of this show, but our writer let us down. We’re as pissed off about it as you are, but thankfully Kevin Goss-Ross, the wonderful man that he is, took an abundance of beautiful shots. We can’t tell you about the party, but we can show it to you.  Read More

Kevin Goss-Ross

We’ve been wanting to interview Kevin since we started this site. Over the years his live photography and band shots have documented countless nights out and given bands a visual identity that truly represents them. We chat to him about, India, shooting live music and geographical loyalties.     DIY: A little bird told us you come from a very artistic family. Is this true? How important have they been in shaping the artist and photographer... Read More

Freelancing in Durban

Stathi Kougianos is a Durban freelance designer who took a couple hours out of his busy freelance schedule to talk about, well, freelancing, stingy Durban clients, Oatees, and afternoon naps. Pearls of wisdom await, after the jump. I have been freelancing for 6 months now, and have come to the realization that it can work; you just have to lower your prices and come to terms with the fact that prostitutes outside Zoom make more money than you... Read More