Isochronous Inscape Launch 2

As we stated in the previous post, Isochronous were here on Saturday to launch their Inscape album. This is Matt Knight’s take on the evening. Living in Durban for our collective adolescence, we got a little used to what one could call limited options. Gateway or The Pavilion. Town or Umhlanga. English or Zulu. Florida rd or Davenport. Surf with sharks or Support The Sharks. Heck, even our seasons are limited to two; we only really have ‘Summer’... Read More

Isochronous Inscape Launch

On Saturday, Isochronous pulled in to our city yet again, this time to launch their latest album, Inscapes. We had two reviewers there and decided to make the most of it by, well, doing two reviews. Russell Grant’s is first up with some warm beer and good times after the jump.     I’m at Unit 11 the second week in a row to review a second album launch by an established South African band. First was The Dirty Skirts, whose review... Read More