Sokool’s Pick of the Month: IV and Neptune – Still Waters EP

SoKool knows whats up. This is evident by her Move Hip Hop blog, the fact that she produces for The Fresh Cut on Gagasi FM, and by her sweat-inducing DJ sets at the dopest jols around the city. That’s why we asked her to write about what she’s been bumping each month so you can know what’s up too. First up: IV and Neptune’s Still Waters EP.     IV and Neptune have become a persistent presence in the Durban rap... Read More

Listen to Fok Julle Naaiers (Nafukwa)

Fresh off the success of Amantombazane, Ricky Rick claims he is Die Antwoord in his latest track, Fok Julle Naaiers (Nafukwa).   You should be familiar with Ricky Rick, Amontombazane is pretty much an anthem at this point and it looks like Fok Julle Naaiers will be too with over 1500 plays in a day. This time Ricky Rick kicks it on his own without everyone’s favourite uncle, Okmalumkoolkat, and proves he doesn’t need anyone else’s... Read More

Listen to The Fire by Raheem Kemet

Over the years Raheem Kemet has been part of some notable musical projects (T.H.O.T.S, The RA Project) but now it seems he’s going solo and he’s bringing The Fire. His latest track is all about keeping the fire alive and pushing through adversity. It’ll put a bounce in your step and if you don’t find yourself moving to the beat, you have no soul. Give it a listen below and download it for free if you dig it.          Read More

Black Moss

We were surprised to see a new Black Moss video pop up in our Youtube stream, what with him him travelling the world and all. But Mr Moss has been keeping busy in his travels as we find out in the interview below. We chat to Black Moss about his travels, how the SA hip-hop scene can raise it’s game and how the Durban scene matches up internationally.     DIY: What’s been happening in the world of Black Moss lately? Black Moss:... Read More

The Ra Project – GAWS | Video

031 Hip-Hop has regained a one of it’s most talented members. It seems Raheem is back in town and is doing some solo vibes with his latest project, I_Killed_Kenny (The Ra Project.) We’re not sure what it’s all about at the moment but this song is too sick and the video is ominous so check it and we’ll try find out more.     You can follow Raheem on Twitter    Read More


We got invited to the MK MVP launch, but since it was in Cape Town, and we’re not, we decided to send Nick Mulgrew just to make sure some of the free food and booze didn’t go to waste. After wolfing down some Salmon Roses, Nick took in this year’s MVP’s and noticed a few too many similarities.   Five months ago, MK, South Africa’s only non-hip-hop-orientated music channel, made an announcement. They were to give a handful... Read More

Black Moss – Better Day | Video

Black Moss is quite simply one of the best rhyme spitters to come out of the 031 and has recently been making a go of it overseas. The video below is a slick edit of one of the coolest shows to ever hit TV, Adventure Time, and features Better Day, a track off Black Moss’s Bit’s and Pieces (Which you can download here.) Make that day of yours better and go on an adventure with Finn, Jake and Black Moss.  Read More

DIY Presents: D’urban Knights – Pat The Cat

Drain rat rappers, D’urban Knights, may have had a couple changes to their line-up of late but it hasn’t stopped Viv and Kurt from pushing forward with new sounds and new songs. Their latest offering, Pat The Cat, is a poignant exploration of female sexuality set to some 80’s synth. We had a short chat with Kurt Peinke about chimpanzees whacking off and offending old people, check it out and then give Pat The Cat a listen. DIY:... Read More

Grandmaster Flash (Aaaaaah!)

“All the good acts skip Durban.” If this is you, you’re wrong. Want proof? Well Grandmaster Flash was in Durban last week and Ty Jay Ay was there to document it. You’re doing good Durbs, you’re doing good…     I’ll tell you right off the bat that last Thursday night was a blast. Fuck me, did Durban have a good time.   Starting with an entry level ciggy, beer and pizza combo at Spiga, I engaged... Read More

Black Math

In the relatively short time Black Math have been together, they’ve been making big waves in the Durban scene and with good reason too. A rock ‘n roll outfit that draws from previous generations but injects their own youthful testerone into the mix, they’re here to bring back balls and depth to music. We chatted to them about being a young band and where they see themselves going with all this.   DIY: First of all, who are... Read More

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