The DIY Guide to Partying on Expert

We refreshed our guide to partying safely for 2015, so naturally we had to bring back the DIY Guide to Partying on expert for those of you who are ready to take off the water wings. Russell Grant and Bob Perfect break down how to clock the jolling game on expert.   Party with people you only vaguely know. They will push you to extremes you never thought possible, without any concern or responsibility for your well-being.   If it seems like... Read More

How To Find The Perfect Bunny

We’ve been posting a lot of guides lately, 2 to be exact, but this may be the most important guide we ever publish. DJ Fuego Heat has come up with a document that every Durbanite should live by. It is with great privilege and pleasure that we present to you, the DIY Guide To Finding The Perfect Bunny   The bunny chow: feared by some, adored by many. Regardless of your views on the cuisine, the entwinement of Durban and bunny chow cannot... Read More