Greg Lomas

Greg Lomas has made a habit of exploring Africa and documenting his journeys along the way. We discover how he made the transition from graphic design into photography and filmmaking.   DIY: Give us a short description of a day in the life of Greg Lomas?  Greg: Coffee will introduce the day to me, and right now my workday lacks a general rhythm since I am currently balancing a number of projects and trying to give each one attention. So potentially... Read More

Lavanya Naidoo

Being a Jack of all trades is often considered a bad thing, but Lavanya Naidoo’s work shows that it’s possible to create great work in many different styles. Stathi Kougianos chats to the multi-talented designer about her unique projects. DIY: How would you describe your work? Lavanya: In one word, experimental. I like playing around with EVERYTHING and I have a constant need to teach myself about something I wouldn’t otherwise know... Read More