We’re Having An Exhibition of Art ‘n Shit

  Never scared to put our cocks on the line, our rag-tag team of contributors have been working tirelessly to put together an art exhibition for you, our adoring public, this Thursday at The Upstairs. We’ve teamed up with the cool cats at WorkingClass to bring you some Art ‘n Shit. The cocks lining up for the chop belong to Stathi Kougianos, Luke Smith, Russell Grant, Alastair Laird, Grant Payne, Gareth Bargate, Kevin Goss-Ross,... Read More

Top 10 of 2012: Bob Perfect

Bob here. I’m not going to pretend like I don’t write all of these and then have to refer to myself in the third person, again. That’d be egotistical. Instead I’ll just introduce you to my Top 10. Ladies and gents, I give you my top 10 photos of me in 2012. Enjoy.   10. DA TEAM by Russell Grant  In February, I got interviewed about DIY by aweh.tv and we needed a photo of the team. I remember getting us together was... Read More


Grant Payne is a man of few words, usually all that can be heard from him is “Yeah man!” or “Filthy”, which is why he lets his photos do the talking. This month he cruises town with his iPhone, sneaks some partying in and gets Veranda Panda on the couch.   Check out last month’s Payne for more filth and drive by shootings and give Grant a like on Facebook if you dig his work. If you don’t, feel free... Read More


TrollBot must have been playing with his Grant Payne voodoo doll last month since G-Payne was man down for most of it. No worries though, he still managed to get a couple choice images to share with you in this month’s Payne.     Check out last month’s Payne for more filth and drive by shootings and give Grant a like on Facebook if you dig his work. If you don’t, feel free to tell us how much you don’t in the comment... Read More

Durban Interpreted

This year’s Interpret Durban was an absolute humdinger of a party. All that were there haven’t been able to shut up about it and neither has Bob Perfect, he shares his memories of the night with us after the jump.   Over the years the BAT Center has played host to some of the most memorable shows of my life and last Saturday, another hefty deposit was made into the memory bank. It felt good to return to the BAT Center for this year’s... Read More


G-Payne is back and he returned with some gold from his many an adventure of late. Check out his shots from Oppi with Fruit & Veggies, being the resident photographer at Amsterdam, Skullboy’s You&Me exhibit, the Winston’s re-opening and general filthy living.     You know you dig his vibe, so go give Grant a like on Facebook.  Read More

Top 10 Top 10’s

So the scroller is looking quite cluttered with all the top 10’s, but since we put them up in December, when most of you lucky bastards were chilling on the beach, we figured we’d give those of you that missed out, a chance to check them out.   Skullboy  Our first top 10 was a banger, Skullboy illustrated his year in a way that only Skullboy can.   http://durbanisyours.co.za/2011/12/top-10-of-2011-skullboy/   Luke Smith Luke... Read More

Top 10 of 2011: Grant Payne

As most of us know, Grant Payne is very good at documenting people in compromising positions. It’s a talent really. Today’s top 10 is actually a top 15 and it’s full of love. Ladies and gents, I give you Grant Payne’s top 15 hook ups of 2011.   15. City Hall, JHB…  The power had just gone out while Tidal Waves were setting up for their set.. I saw these two getting it on in the dark corner of the middle of the... Read More

Month Of Payne

It’s the third instalment of our (almost) monthly photo feature from Durban’s favourite binge drinking photographer. There’s some nudity this time round, so if you have a problem with that, you’ve been duly warned. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Month of Payne #3 Shit. It’s been quite a hectic month… Still so busy right now trying to make some money to survive this time of the year… Tis the season, to... Read More

Month of Payne

Month of Payne is back and Grant seems to have had one crazy month. This is you Durban, through Grant Payne’s lens September. Another month in this blur of a year. From floppy tits begging at robots – to firm under-age ones that bounce around at the infamous courage parties. I just take photos. I just record moments. Some things just seem to want me to see them..   A month full of first’s for this kid – Getting cut off... Read More

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