Let Love And Pride Never Fade

In our most nepotistic article to date, Bob Perfect writes about his best friends’ band. That band is Go! Go! Bronco though so we doubt you’d mind too much. Here’s a look back at the last six years of one of the wildest, loudest and most debaucherous bands to have come out of Durban.     I know this article is late, really late, but it took Go! Go! Bronco six years to release an album so it seems fitting. I have to admit... Read More

Rather Be Dead: A Photo Essay

Some events you just have to be there for, the Moon Landing, Mandela being set free, G!G!B’s last show… But sometimes life gets in the way and you just can’t make it. If you were one of the poor souls to miss Saturday’s show at The Winston, Xavier Vahed’s shots will make you feel like you were right there in the pit, drenched in sweat, getting punched in the face and stage diving with reckless abandon.     Wanna... Read More

Durban’s Day Out

  Our mates at Whizz Kids Radio Beta are doing something cool as fuck today. Some radio stations use the Durban name as a marketing tool without actually supporting Durban acts, not these guys. Today is Durban’s Day Out and all day long you’ll get to hear music from Heat City’s finest bands and DJ’s. So tune in to WKRB all day to hear some cool as fuck 031 tunes on a cool as fuck radio station. Check out linkage and the... Read More

Vibe Bar Opening Party

Russel Smith discusses new venues and their need to live up to their predecessors as he attends the (re)opening of Durbans latest live music venue, Vibe Bar featuring the unlikely combination of punk, hardcore and hip-hop acts on Friday night. My expectations weren’t especially high on Friday night. Like most people I think, I was bias before I even walked up the stairs to Vibe Bar. New venues always have the disadvantage of having to live up to... Read More

Win Free Entry To Vibe Bar This Friday

  We’re giving away free entry to two of you to this Friday’s gig at Vibe Bar, featuring Half Price, Go! Go! Bronco, The Trees and D’urban Knights. It’s going to be one hell of a drunken mess with 4 of the hardest partying acts in the country sharing a stage.   To win, just tell us who your favourite act of the night is and what’s your favourite song by them.   Competition closes Friday the 10th of February... Read More

DIY Launch Party

We’re not the type to toot our own horns, or use expressions like “toot our own horns”, but I’ve got to say, Saturday was one hell of a party. Rather than reviewing our own show, we’ve decided to do a photo essay of sorts from 3 different photographers so you can see what you missed out on. We have to give a huge thank you to Matt TheKnight, DJ Fuego Heat, Nev The Butcher, The Otherwise and Go! Go! Bronco for entertaining... Read More

Go! Go! Bronco and Fruit and Veggies at Origin

A couple weeks back, Go! Go! Bronco and Fruit and Veggies played a show together at the most unlikely of venues, Origin. Russel Smith was there to document this strange occasion  Seems the Durban Punk and Hardcore scenes are vastly different from what they were, even from two years ago. It’s a fairly new thing to have bands play in a night club that is known for electronic music, but in Durban we aren’t as spoiled for choice in way of venues,... Read More