How to Celebrate Durban #Pride 2018

Pride celebrations are mounting globally in the month of June, and this week, it’s Durban’s time to shine, sparkle, glitter, all of it honey, because Durban Pride isn’t all that’s going down this weekend.   Durban isn’t exactly the gay capital of the world. Hell, it’s not the gay capital of the country. Not even close. Queer bodies in Durban are kept under wraps for the most part, for various reasons that... Read More

Unit 11 Gig Guide.

The cats from Unit 11 have made your party planning there for the next month a bit easier with this Gig Guide. In reference to Jeff Wall’s ‘Destroyed Room‘ , ST(E)AK created his own destroyed room out of Unit 11. Feel free to download it and make sure you highlight your favourite bands and parties so you don’t miss out on some great nights.    Read More