Drawn Together

In our latest attempt to outsource our content production, we got a couple party goers at Sedge Warbler’s gig at Origin on Friday to draw us their night. We’re Avant-Garde as fuck. Here’s Friday night, in pictures, by you. Spoiler alert: Drunk people can’t draw for shit.  Read More

Win Free Entry To Sedge Warbler At Origin!

This Friday, Origin will play host to Uber Cool’s usual bass filled madness with special guests, Sedge Warbler. They’re no strangers to the Engine Room and have been known to make the walls drip with sweat. If you’re not familiar with the bird that never sings the same song twice, you can give them a listen below.   Now that you’ve got a taste of what you’re in for, you have the chance of hitting the jol for free. We’re... Read More

George Kretsos

George Kretsos is one of Durban’s top promoters. It’s hard to find anyone in this city that hasn’t been to one of his Drum and Bass parties. He’s also a model and a DJ, a unique triple threat. Bob Perfect chats to the Uber Cool brain child after the jump. How long have you been DJing for? George: 2 Years Modelling? George: Since I was in High School, 7 years now. Promoting? George: A bit longer than DJing, I first got into... Read More

Bass Thugs

Last Friday the cats from Uber Cool introduced their new brand of party, Bass Thugs, and did what they do best, they threw a Bass heavy party featuring Sedge Warbler, Niskerone, Night Vision and Veranda Panda at Origin. Russel Smith whines a bit but then sees the light after the jump.   “At yet another dub-step party. Where did I go so wrong in my life? What choices did I make, or fail to make, that have brought me to this?” These deep thoughts... Read More