Taken For Granted (Kinda NSFW)

This is the first in a monthly photo feature by our Editor at Charge, Russell Grant. It’s basically just what we did on the weekend in visual form. Luckily for you, our weekend featured a ballsack, bong snorting, break dancing and da mosh.     A shoe in for this year’s most highly anticipated event was someone who is in no way affiliated with this site’s ballsack appearing on the big screen at the Red Bull Mobile Secret Party.... Read More


None of us at DIY have had the fortune of attending Fun In The Sun. It’s a shame really, we were meant to go this year but by the time we realised it was time for Durban’s biggest dance festival, all the lumo paint and MDMA supplies had dried up. Luckily for us, Al Nicoll was there to document the fun and he was willing to share some of his shots with us for your viewing pleasure. Did you hit up Fun In The Sun? Was it as fun as it looks?... Read More