Amy-Jo Windt

Amy-Jo Windt from The COLLECTIVE gallery has been working super hard to build a platform for artists to showcase their work and strengthen our creative community. We get a behind the scenes look on what it takes to run a gallery and how fellow Durbanites have responded to their setup.     DIY: For the uneducated and naive, including us, what exactly does a gallery curator do? Amy Jo: Well basically, a curator is the one who decides and... Read More

Follow Your Art

Resident DIY designer, Stathi Kougianos, shares his thoughts on the Follow Your Art exhibition at The Collective on Monday night. Photo: Chris da Canha ( As a designer, an art gallery is the perfect setting for silent judging. You can peruse the work at your own pace while thinking what you would have done better, what colours you would have used, what typeface would have been more effective and how you... Read More