Movies-Mojitos-Mamma Luciana’s (Competition)

The Collective are hosting the perfect to start to Summer tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be featuring local comedic films by some of Durban’s up and coming film makers and serving Mojitos and Mamma Luciana’s pizza to enjoy in between laughs. It starts at 1pm with the first film being played at 2:15pm and should be done by 5pm. Check out the facebook event here for details. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.   Because... Read More

Bombing Florida

Saturday afternoon saw Durban’s skate scene out in full force for the 2nd Zoo York Bombing Florida downhill skateboarding race. Bob Perfect took part and tells us what went down. On Saturday afternoon Durban’s many different skate crews all converged on Blue Zoo. ¬†From the old school cruisers and the long board downhill-billies, to Durban’s park and street skate rats, all were there to brave the downhill descent of a Durban road... Read More