A-Cross-Dress The Universe And Back

Yoh, but Saturday night was buck wild. How buck wild? Let Russell Grant’s photos of A-Cross-Dress The Universe at The Winston Pub show you. Check them below.     *All images © Russell Grant You can find more photos on the Heat City Nights Facebook. A huge thank you to Jagermeister and Monster Energy for helping us put on the gig.  Read More

Listen To Want Your Love By Fantasma

This song compels you to dance.     So this popped up like a month ago and then was put out again over the weekend as a free added track when you pre-order Fantasma’s upcoming debut album, Free Love. Since this week is very much Fantasma week for us – we’re involved in bringing them to The Winston Pub this Saturday – we naturally have to share the fantastically funky ‘Want Your Love’ with you. It features... Read More

Future Sound of Mzansi

Listen to two new mixes from Spoek Mathambo ahead of the release of his documentary, Future Sound of Mzansi.   Okay, be honest, how many of you had no clue that the prolific hustler and artist, Spoek Mathambo, is releasing a documentary about the current cultural and musical landscape in SA? Eish, that’s far too many of you. It’s chill though, you know now and you’ll get to see the film soon enough but for now, the ghostly... Read More