Top 10 of 2012: DJ Fuego Heat

This year DJ Fuego Heat went form obscurity to relatively well known by a handful of people. He’s played weddings and become an agony aunt, there’s no stopping him in 2013. Check out his Worst 10 of 2012.     After last year’s top 10 I decided that I would keep a record of all notable events of 2012. As December drew nearer and my list consisted of blank lined paper I started to freak out. In the end it turned out pretty easy... Read More

Cowabunga Bitches!

Last Friday saw Live playing host to three touring bands from different parts of the country, two relatively new bands, The Dollfins, Beach Party and the more experienced Wrestlerish, with City Bowl Mizers being the home team for the night. Eliza Day shares her experiences of the night.   This past weekend was a biggie for us Durban cats. With so much on the dance card, people were in a frenzy of anticipation on social media. There was talk... Read More

Desmond & The Tutus Mnusic Launch

Last Thursday, South Africa’s geeky indie darlings, Desmond & The Tutus,  came down the coast for a midweek gig that packed out Live. Eliza Day reviews the Tutus and Black Math’s performances.    I was interested to see what Desmond & The Tutus, the beloved Jozi band would bring with their new album, MNUSIC. I grew up listening to this band with the first wave of new millennium indie kids and was hoping that they had... Read More

Apocalypse Just Now

Whilst we all wait for the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse, Eliza Day reviews Saturday night’s GMT featuring The Meditators.   Saturday night at Live is becoming a regular destination on the dance-cards of the kings and queens that are the Durban scene. Being a warehouse with an easy-to-eliminate exit on either side makes it the perfect environment for storage of valuables. The fact that it stores seething masses of human flesh every weekend,... Read More

Pop Rocks, a Shadowclub Review

GMT seems to be back stronger than ever with two successful events in succession at Live. Their latest offering saw them bring the increasingly popular Shadowclub to the venue. Eliza Day takes the opportunity to wax lyrical on Pop and Rock and where the two meet. Shadowclub have been busy boys lately. Having seen the Joburg based band three times in Durban in as many months, the gig at Live – The Venue this past Saturday night has the rare... Read More

Saturday Night (at) Live

Car Boot Vendors are back after nearly a year’s sabbatical, Anti Retro Vinyls just signed to Just Music and Fruit and Veggies, well, they’re Fruit and Veggies. The three of them played a show together on Saturday night at Live and Eliza Day was there to review the show.   Saturday night at Live was a platform for some uber powerful performances. The three bands on the bill were a smorgasbord of variety and each one delivered in... Read More

Warming Up For Splashy Fen

Recent import from Cape Town, Eliza Day, gives us a fresh perspective on our hometown and reviews the Splashy Warm Up gig at new venue, Live. I was interested to see what Durban had to offer in the shape of a music scene after I moved here a couple months ago. Covering the Splashy Fen warm up show seemed like a  good place to get some insight into the goings on of the creative crowd, with a line up that consisted of something kinda new, Black... Read More