Dustin Holmes

Today we interview Dustin Holmes, a Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Kief Ou that specialises in screen printing some of the sickest posters you could have on your wall. We chat to him about living in Hong Kong, skateboarding and experimentation in art.   DIY: When did your fascination with screen printing begin? Dustin: 
I guess I really started to get into the screen printing scene when I was at DUT. I had just started following the work of... Read More

Freelancing in Durban

Stathi Kougianos is a Durban freelance designer who took a couple hours out of his busy freelance schedule to talk about, well, freelancing, stingy Durban clients, Oatees, and afternoon naps. Pearls of wisdom await, after the jump. I have been freelancing for 6 months now, and have come to the realization that it can work; you just have to lower your prices and come to terms with the fact that prostitutes outside Zoom make more money than you... Read More