Fruits & Veggies – A Clean Page Music Video

Durban’s naughtiest band, Fruits & Veggies want you to boogie with their latest single, A Clean Page. The Afro-punk / I-don’t-even-know-what band have been tearing up stages across the whole damn country lately and you can bare witness to that in the music video below. Go on, click play and be impressed by what these punks can do.  Read More

Adidas Skateboarding | Durban 2012

The Adidas skateboarding team recently visited Durbs to check out what Yann Horowitz’s (and our) hometown is like. We’ll be interviewing Yann as soon as we can can get him to sit down for five minutes, in the meantime check out this video of some sick, sick, sick skating in the 031.    Read More

Durban’s Day Out

  Our mates at Whizz Kids Radio Beta are doing something cool as fuck today. Some radio stations use the Durban name as a marketing tool without actually supporting Durban acts, not these guys. Today is Durban’s Day Out and all day long you’ll get to hear music from Heat City’s finest bands and DJ’s. So tune in to WKRB all day to hear some cool as fuck 031 tunes on a cool as fuck radio station. Check out linkage and the... Read More

Hey Yoof! Here’s The Troof!: Project Reality Check

We know that it’s hard to know what’s true in this world, especially as a youth. Luckily for you though, we’ve got your back. We’ve managed to convince truthsayer extraordinaire, Skullboy, to fill you in on the troof, a slightly off center version of what everyone else has been telling you. Without further delay, here’s the first Hey Yoof! Here’s The Troof!     The first time I heard murmurings of this... Read More

Floor Assassins

We wanted to find out what’s happening with B-boying in Durban so we hit up Bizzo and Kaydo from the Floor Assassins with an email of questions we needed answering. They drop knowledge in the interview below on what they’re up to and why they push so hard in a scene so small.   DIY: First off, what got each of you into B-Boying? FA: Each member in the crew started B-boying for a different reason. Either it was being influenced by... Read More

Humans Of Durban

Humans of Durban is a photographic census of sorts of the people of Durban, based on the original Humans of New York project. We’re going to be running a monthly feature showcasing our favourite shots so we decided to get some background info on the project and to give you a taste of what you’ll be seeing.   DIY: For those who aren’t in the know, what is the idea behind Humans of Durban? Can you give us a brief summary on how... Read More

Made In Durban

Shame, some guys are always behind the trends. Whilst most young Durbanites are looking to the East for their taste of the world, these poor chinas are making a go of it up North. I present to you the first episode of Made In Durban, a reality show that documents four Durbanites living in London.  Read More

Point of View (Free Download)

  First they brought you Banana Clip and then Houston, We Got Problems, now D’Urban Knights are giving you their Point Of View with this track about the Point area. It’s a poignant track about the hardships of an area in our city that most of us just drive through. Give it a listen and if you dig it, you can download it.   D’urban Knights-“Point of View” by kurtreynolds  Read More

A Street Scene Tour

As part of the prize for coming second at Interpret Durban, Stathi Kougianos won a Street Scene Tour for himself and a couple of close mates. Russell Grant was one of those close mates and writes about their trip.   Our tour departed from the Corner Cafe at 9:36 on Saturday morning. We were supposed to leave at 9:30, but two of the original group were spending the day in hospital, forcing us to find replacements. One of the two had degloved... Read More

Sunday Sessions by Pinky Drew

This is just a sick little video of some longboarders busting power slides at Lahee Park. So rad.     Sunday Sessions – Lahee Park from Pinky Drew on Vimeo. This was originally filmed and edited for Aweh.Tv (Check them out, they’re rad) by Pinky Drew on a 7D and the backing track is Moses by Chelsea Wolfe. Some of the slides are so damn huge,  looks so epic. We obviously dig it quite a bit and are really keen to see more videos... Read More

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