There’s a new Die Antwoord video

Here’s what everybody is gonna be talking about for the rest of the day.     Does anyone still care about Die Antwoord or nah? If you do, the video for Pitbull Terrier is suitably disturbing and the make-up team definitely deserves an award or something. Like most Die Antwoord songs, I can’t actually tell if it’s good or not and I don’t know if it’s even meant to be, rap and rave aren’t exactly bffs,... Read More

Miss Molly

We’re a pretty fashionable bunch at DIY, we even know what colour blocking is, but when it comes to fashion in Durban, one blogger is ahead of the curve. We chatted to Melissa Kieser about the dos and don’ts of blogging and staying fashionable in Durban.   DIY: First off, can we get a little background info on who are you and what you do? Melissa: My name is Melissa Kieser, recently married, happy girl living in Durban. I spend... Read More

Kagiso’s Island Of Treasure (Sponsored)

Kagiso Lediga is blowing up right now. He’s been killing it on LNN, toured the country in a suit and pulled a Parktown Prawn out of Lady Gaga’s lady parts in Die Antwoord’s Fatty Boom Boom video. You’d think he’d be a shoe in for any job he applies for but the cats at Tropika have gone with a “bigger” name to host The Island Of Treasure once again.     You can follow Tropika on Twitter, like them... Read More