Grandmaster Flash (Aaaaaah!)

“All the good acts skip Durban.” If this is you, you’re wrong. Want proof? Well Grandmaster Flash was in Durban last week and Ty Jay Ay was there to document it. You’re doing good Durbs, you’re doing good…     I’ll tell you right off the bat that last Thursday night was a blast. Fuck me, did Durban have a good time.   Starting with an entry level ciggy, beer and pizza combo at Spiga, I engaged... Read More

Heat City Nights

You no longer have to pass the time watching CSI:Miami, we’re giving you something special to do with your Tuesday nights. Take a look at the promo video from the first Heat City Nights and get amped for the next one.   The next Heat City Night will be on Tuesday the 20th of March at Czar. The next day is Human Rights Day, so you don’t have to stress about varsity or work. Cost is R30 and we’re teaming up with Uber Cool Events... Read More