Vote DIY! Or Die!

Okay, we’re not gonna actually kill you. But it would be rather nice of you to vote for us to win the Super M Blogger Comp which will see Bob and Nick kicking it to Ibiza to bring you the greatest story ever written. Or at the very least, it’ll be pretty good, hopefully. We’re up against some of the biggest blogs in the country and while they have a lot of followers, this is Durban, we don’t follow, we team up and kick ass.   It’s... Read More

Fruits & Veggies – A Clean Page Music Video

Durban’s naughtiest band, Fruits & Veggies want you to boogie with their latest single, A Clean Page. The Afro-punk / I-don’t-even-know-what band have been tearing up stages across the whole damn country lately and you can bare witness to that in the music video below. Go on, click play and be impressed by what these punks can do.  Read More

That’s Just Like, Your Opinion: You&Me

Tuesday night saw Durban’s youthful types converging on the KZNSA for an exhibition opening. No longer were we confined to the smaller independent galleries, but one of our own had made it to the walls of one of the country’s finer establishments. Skullboy’s exhibition, titled You&Me, is about how people lost their virginity’s so we decided to chat to a couple people at the exhibit about their first times. As a fair... Read More

Fluffy White Bunnies #24 – And United We Shall Stand

Sure, Supersport has 37 channels showing the Olympics, but most of the country won’t be chatting about it at the water cooler. Or works anywhere that has a water cooler… Check out more of Alastair’s work on his website  Read More