No Swearing! Carvin Goldstone’s one man show.

On Friday and Saturday night, Carvin H, fresh off of opening at the Durban Comedy Festival, had his first one man show. Fellow comic, Jem Atkins reviews the Saturday night show. Last Saturday evening saw me all dressed up at the Playhouse, seated near the back of the fully packed Drama Theatre, eagerly awaiting the man of the moment to grace the stage. Or just casually saunter up to the microphone – it’s a ‘bruinoe’ thing. Besides, it was... Read More

Dusty Rich

For those of you who don’t know, Dusty Rich loves to talk. A lot. But that’s cool, ’cause that’s his job, and he does it pretty damn well. We put ourselves in the firing line of his verbal machine gun, and this is what happened. Photo: Russell Grant     DIY: Dusty, tell us a bit about how you got to be where you are now… from the beginning… like, from when... Read More

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