Greg Lomas

Greg Lomas has made a habit of exploring Africa and documenting his journeys along the way. We discover how he made the transition from graphic design into photography and filmmaking.   DIY: Give us a short description of a day in the life of Greg Lomas?  Greg: Coffee will introduce the day to me, and right now my workday lacks a general rhythm since I am currently balancing a number of projects and trying to give each one attention. So potentially... Read More

Colwyn Thomas

This week’s artist interview is with the gifted Colwyn Thomas. Stathi Kougianos chats to him about using pen and paper in this day and age and balancing meaningful art with corporate work. DIY: What makes your work its own? Is there a specific style you try and aim for or is it just what comes to you naturally? Colwyn: I’ve developed my own style over the years, through borrowing from other illustrators and artists looks that I like, from... Read More