Adam Dore

Making a living as an actor in Durban is probably right up there with making a living as a heater salesman here. It’s certainly not easy, but Adam Dore has managed to etch out a living doing what he loves which is why we decided to have a chat with him about theatre in Durban and eating tinned beans for dinner.   DIY: Who is Adam Dore? Adam: He is a guy who lives in Durban and digs making a living by doing the acting and not having time... Read More

Veranda Panda – Two In The Same | Video

Here’s an early Christmas gift for ya, already unwrapped and assembled for you, all you have to do is click play. It’s the music video by Sandcastle Studios of Two In The Same by Veranda Panda featuring Jess Sole and it’s got a story line and everything. New music and visual entertainment, what a gift. We spoil you, we really do.    Read More

Jack Parow – Merry Xmas | Video

Brush up on Die Taal and get ready for the annual Vaalie invasion with Jack Parow’s latest music video.     So what do you want for Xmas? Hopefully your list is shorter than Jack’s.    Read More