Win Free Entry To The Plastics Album Launch!

  You know us, always trying to live up to our tagline of trying to get you out and into the city. Well this is another one of those attempts. As you should know, The Plastics will be playing at Live The Venue this Friday to launch their latest album, Pyramid. They’ll be joined by local cool cats Black Math, Asleep In Transit and Catlike Thieves so, you know, you’re gonna wanna be there.   We realise that it’s the middle... Read More

The Stellas Live Charge The Pub

The Stellas recently hit up the trusty Winston Pub for the launch of thier new EP, Live Charge. They were supported by local shredders Black Math and Catlike Thieves. Russel Smith reviews the show and chats to The Stella’s for a bit. I don’t think I’ve bothered to watch a Catlike Thieves show for two years. I can’t recall the reasons for my aversion to witnessing them play again, but they were strong enough to get me to shun them for... Read More

Catlike Thieves and Taxi Violence

On Saturday night, Bob Perfect watched local act Catlike Thieves and Cape Town favourites Taxi Violence at Unit 11. He left feeling uninspired, here’s why.   On Sunday night I watched a movie called The Last Hitman. It stars nobody you know and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re looking to procrastinate writing a review.   The name is quite deceptive, since it’s quite clear from the first ten minutes that the antagonist... Read More