Black Math

In the relatively short time Black Math have been together, they’ve been making big waves in the Durban scene and with good reason too. A rock ‘n roll outfit that draws from previous generations but injects their own youthful testerone into the mix, they’re here to bring back balls and depth to music. We chatted to them about being a young band and where they see themselves going with all this.   DIY: First of all, who are... Read More

Captain Stu and Fruit and Veggies at Unit 11

Last Saturday, the good lads from Captain Stu made the trip up the coast to play at Unit 11 with Fruit and Veggies and Black Math. Matt Stroud was there and got a couple kief photos. Zohan and Purity from Fruit and Veg Fruit and Veg's Loopy It's a long time between bands A very long time... James from Captain Stu Air synth. Brass from die Kaap  Read More