Taxi Violence, Relationship Sex and Poppers

DJ Fuego Heat kicks the year off by catching new comers The Pie Keys, stalwarts City Bowl Mizers and visitors Taxi Violence at Live. It’s mostly posi. Mostly. And there’s talk of sex and poppers.     “Can you cover the gig tomorrow night? We have no one else to do it”. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the charm of Bob Perfect, and how Saturday night saw me heading to Live to check out The Pie Keys, City Bowl Mizers and Taxi... Read More

Albert Frost and Matt Vend

DJ Fuego Heat finds himself battling Durban’s greatest enemy, Apathy, with the help of Matt Vend and Albert Frost at Jackie Horner. Apathy. A Durban staple. Maybe it was the 18ºC evening (fresh by local standards) or the Johnnies sugar bean roti (a steal at R10) or the 3 car guard (jut) bongs that followed. It may have been a combination of all these factors, but either way, I unenthusiastically headed to Jackie Horner’s to watch Matt Vend... Read More