Ask DJ Fuego Heat

Life is full of questions. Questions like, “Should I get the broad bean or sugar bean bunny?”, “Which is the best whiskey for under R100?” and “When does buying her shots go from being friendly to date rapey?” Luckily for you, we’ve got a professional question answerer in the form of the always sensual, DJ Fuego Heat. The firey one answers your tough questions after the jump.   The Economy asks: Hi there DJ Feugo Heat, Do you remember... Read More

Humans Of Durban

Durban is known for its beaches so what better way to kick off our very first Humans Of Durban feature than by hitting the beachfront promenade and capturing the humans that frequent it. "Each sculpture takes about 5 hours. I rebuilt this one this morning after the rain." "Now that summer is coming, it means good business for me." "I love the things she calls me." "I love his face." "What weird stuff... Read More

Rocking The Coast

One day, when Matt Knight writes another review, there will be a review free from genital references on this site. But until then, here’s Bob Perfect’s review of Rocking The Coast with E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N, Lowprofile and Manuvah To Land. Ah, Toti. My impression of the place is that if Umhlanga and Pinetown had a kid and left that kid to grow up on the street, sniffing glue and selling their body, but then that child got adopted by a loving... Read More

Beach, Bands and Booze.

Saturday night saw the third annual Beach, Bands and Booze party go down at UKZN. Simmi Areff was down from Joburg for the weekend and looked to have a good time, but landed up in bed by 11. Here’s why… Hi Everybody!   My name is Simmi. Most of you probably don’t like me and by the end of this article will definitely despise me further, despise me a little or actually agree with what I say. I really don’t care to be honest. I’m... Read More