Watch Larney Jou Poes by Dookoom

Dookoom’s first music video already has calls for it to be banned.     Rap music and controversy have gone together like farmers and the exploitation of workers since pretty much the beginning and Dookoom’s Larney Jou Poes combines all four. There’s already been talk of banning the controversial song and video that expresses anger at the conditions farm workers face and that suggests the burning down of farms. Naturally,... Read More

Opening Film Of DIFF Censored

By now you should know that the opening film of the 34th Durban International Film Festival, Of Good Report, has not been given classification by the Film and Publications Board and is not allowed to be shown on South African soil. Bob Perfect was at the opening and gives his account and opinion on what happened.   Photo by Russell Grant Last night I watched history unfold before my eyes. Not the kind of history... Read More