DIY Presents: Asleep In Transit – Plans

Asleep In Transit are launching their latest EP, Kaleidoscope, tomorrow night at The Bat Center so they let us hear one of the new songs and share it with you. Aren’t they sweet? We also had a chat about the changes in the band and THOSE photos. Check it.   DIY: This is your second EP in a year, why’d you guys go the EP route and not put out a full length album? Vlad: The way that the music scene globally is going, people are releasing... Read More

The Otherwise

When you watch The Otherwise, you can tell that they’re one of those bands that wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. After four years, one album and numerous line-up changes, they finally seem to be hitting their stride. Bob Perfect chats to three of the foursome about their progression and being called “rockstars”. Left to Right: Harry(Guitar), Carl(Bass), Greg(Vocals), Chris(Drums)   What’s it like being... Read More

DIY Launch Party

We’re not the type to toot our own horns, or use expressions like “toot our own horns”, but I’ve got to say, Saturday was one hell of a party. Rather than reviewing our own show, we’ve decided to do a photo essay of sorts from 3 different photographers so you can see what you missed out on. We have to give a huge thank you to Matt TheKnight, DJ Fuego Heat, Nev The Butcher, The Otherwise and Go! Go! Bronco for entertaining... Read More