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A Bitter Decade - Bittereinder - Durban Is Yours

How Bittereinder Survived A Bitter Decade

Things weren’t all that different 10 years ago. Or were they? Bittereinder have seen it all, so maybe they can offer some perspective. Charlene Charls Dos Ramos takes a look at the last decade with the Afrikaans electronic rap crew.       How do you do a successful interview with one of your favourite […]

Live from The Winston – Episode 2

Things get properly messy in the 2nd episode of Live from The Winston with Neil Green and Bob Perfect. I’m not really sure whose idea it was to host a podcast in a bar, but it was fucking genius/stupid (you’ll have to listen to decide). We derailed ourselves for the first half and then got properly […]

How to Cheat Death When You’re Dead Broke

No one in Durban is getting paid enough, especially not contributors to DIY. If your wallet is light, the resourceful Sheshela Maduna has a few tips for having a good time in Durban on a budget.     What goes around almost certainly comes back around to bite you in the arse, these are the laws […]

Darker Shades? : A Durban is Ours Submission

For this month’s Durban is Ours theme, we asked you to tell us what colour and patterns mean to you in whatever way you choose. Kgaugelo Maanaso chose to do so in poem form with prose that highlights the importance of picking the right outfit for the day.       Darker shades? She chose to […]

Live from The Winston – Another DIY Podcast

Inspired by Marvel’s domination of the box office, we’re expanding our podcast universe with another franchise. We present to you franchise number 2 in phase one of the DIY Podcast Universe: Live from The Winston.     As is DIY tradition, we’re going in hard on a trend about 5 years too late.  Not satisfied with […]