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KZNSA -Artists in Focus: Dane Stops

A young woman gazes up toward a pastel blue Durban sky. She has a sweet and gentle face. Below her, dinosaurs and figures of people pop in red and purple tones. This is the latest portrait painted on the side of the KZNSA Gallery wall. Digging a little deeper into the mind and hands that […]

KZNSA – Artists in Focus: Q&A with Sibusiso Duma

In collaboration with The KZNSA gallery, Niamh Walsh-Vorster uncovers the intentions behind the artist currently exhibiting at The Mezzanine Gallery, Sibusiso Duma.   Walking into the Park Contemporary Gallery, with an art bag always at his side, it is no surprise to see Sibusiso Duma at the KZNSA for his bi-weekly drop-off of artworks to sell.  Asking, “Hows it going, hows the […]

Durban’s Freshest Comedy Festival Returns

The Spar Freshline Heat City Comedy Festival returns for the second year with a proudly Durban lineup.     Hi, Bob Perfect here. I’m the editor of this slice of Durban life, although I’ve been known to keep myself busy with a number of other things. One of those things is the Spar Freshline Heat […]

The New KZNSA Wall is Not What You Think

The KZNSA Gallery has a freshly painted wall thanks to three of Durban’s muralists; Mook Lion, Kev7 and Sphephelo Mnguni with the help of several young future-taggers.     Words and images by Niamh Walsh-Vorster Imagination is an upside down red-faced frowning person with majestic technicoloured, wavy hair, with thoughts scribbled and scrawled across the […]

Support Your Homies

In his latest column, Russell Grant deconstructs the way we rip off our friends and how we can be better, because therapy costs way more than a gig.     Hi guys, it me, Russell, back at it again with the columns. Pardon my absence, I was busy planning my escape to Shanghai in September. […]