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Life Below’s Grim Reality is Quite Perfect

Long after the “glory days” of Durban Hardcore, Life Below have put out one of the best hardcore releases to come out of Durban. Russell Grant breaks down Grim Reality for ya.     Life Below, Durban’s last remaining Hardcore band, have released an EP an entire 10 years too late. Upping the ante on […]

Durban is Ours – A Call for Submissions

    Hi, I’m Leah Jasmine and I’m the new sub-editor here at Durban is Yours. You may recognise me from all the gigs you’ve ever played in this town. I’ve been around for a bit, and even though I escaped to the big smoke once or twice, something about Durban keeps bringing me back. […]

5 Questions with Buli

Yes we love Durban, and yes we exist to serve it, but we also need to let you know about the big bad world outside. Our country is thick with talent, and we want to bring you the best of it. Buli has steadily been building a rep through collaborating with bigger names such as Thor […]

Durban’s Killing It Across the Fence

Durbanites are no strangers to success across the globe but often those successes go unnoticed. ByLwansta, Toya Delazy, and Muzi are the latest three to do big things internationally and we want to make sure you know about it. Leah Jasmine fills us in on how they’ve been killing it across the fence.     […]

As Loud as a Mouse

With rumours of a new album flying around town, MOUSE sat down with Evan Van Zyl to set the record straight. We talk expectation, mosh-pits, and evolution in our interview with the Durban duo.     It’s New Year’s Eve, 2015, and I’m at The Winston. It’s 11 PM, and Mr Bob Perfect has approached […]