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Five Questions With Rose Bonica

We get 5 on it once again, this time with the multi-talented Rose Bonica.   The king of naps is back with yet another five questions with yet another dope producer you probably don’t know, yet. This time Josh Scheepers finds out if multi-disciplined artist Rose Bonica has ever had an extraterrestrial counter, and we […]

Watch and Download Aewon Wolf’s Live and Die eThekwini

Aewon teams up with Zulu rap giant Zakwe on this celebration of a city that’s “still overlooked”.   If there are 2 hip-hop artists who represent Durban harder than Aewon Wolf and Zakwe, I’m yet to find them. Both are on different spectrums of the same genre, with Zakwe typically dropping bars in Zulu and […]

A Brief Encounter with The C3 Collective

Get weird stay weird. The C3 Collective are a new crew of people in Durban, who, according to them, are “making and performing electronic music that caters to those who have been, or wish to be, abducted or have an encounter.” So yeah, you can expect some weirdness.   Who is in the crew exactly? […]

Red Robyn and Jaedon Daniel are the New Wave

You’re going to hear a lot from them this year.     Listen, if you didn’t already know, it’s okay, but Red Robyn and Jaedon Daniel are the new wave. Okay, not THE new wave, but they’re part of the rising tide of young, independent, forward-thinking Durban musicians building themselves, and each other, through collabs […]

We Need to Let Go of Nasty C

He’s gone now.   I must admit, that title is a little misleading. By “we”, I’m mainly referring to myself and by “let go of”, I should actually say “completely erase from memory”. In 2015 I set out to be the most knowledgeable hip-hop enthusiast in the 031. My good friend Bob and I had […]