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Psyched Out At Endless Daze

As a local psych kid, Evan van Zyl thought he was psych enough for Psych Night’s Endless Daze. He was not. That didn’t stop him from having the time of his life at the niche festival.     Endless Daze is an endless haze of psychedelic rock sprawled across a beach resort on the West […]

Welcome To The Stone Palace

When we put out word that we were looking for submissions and contributions to the site, Lisa Welsh was the first to fill our inbox with a passionate request to contribute. Lisa is devoted to letting people know about bands who she thinks aren’t getting the shine they deserve. First up, Stone Palace, a “rebel […]

Voodoo Womxn

Leah Jasmine found the shroud of femininity she needed in Kat Kali’s Voodoo Womxn exhibition. Maybe you will too?     I was intrigued by Kat Kali’s instagram handle before I had a clue who she was; @your_dads_sex_face is not something you see every day. When she messaged me privately I thought our stars had […]

Dookoom’s The Worst Thing Video Has Less Impact Than Expected

The recently released Dookoom video for The Worst Thing has had less of an impact than when the song was originally released. Russell Grant breaks down why he thinks that is.     DOOKOOM, Cape Town’s outspoken, controversial, and much-misunderstood hip-hop group have finally released a video for their 2015 track “The Worst Thing” ft. […]

5 Questions With Vann

In the latest edition of 5 Questions With… Josh Scheepers gets to know local hip-hop producer and rapper Vann and finds out more about DBNKD Records and how it got started.     Vann gets lexical after I ask him a couple of questions about what he’s up to, what he thinks about robots making […]