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Why Battle of the Bands Suck

Despite how awesome Scott Pilgrim vs The World made band battles look, they actually suck IRL. Bob Perfect breaks down why.     Ah, Battle of the Bands. Exploitative popularity contests that are always in the back of the playbook of tasteless/clueless (your pick) promoters who need to generate hype and income without risking anything. […]

Sokool’s Pick of the Month: IV and Neptune – Still Waters EP

SoKool knows whats up. This is evident by her Move Hip Hop blog, the fact that she produces for The Fresh Cut on Gagasi FM, and by her sweat-inducing DJ sets at the dopest jols around the city. That’s why we asked her to write about what she’s been bumping each month so you can know what’s up […]

A Retrospective of the Cape Town International Animation Festival

If you couldn’t make the Cape Town International Animation Festival because, well, it was in Cape Town, fear not – Carrie Wilson attended the CTIAF and took notes on all the most important bits so you could also be privy to the wealth of knowledge and insight into the dope projects going down right here […]

On Boxing and the Benefits of Sucking

You don’t only have to do the things you’re good at. Russell Grant explores the benefits of sucking in his latest column.     I am not a fighter, nor am I a believer in strict dichotomies. I’m about 5’10”, 90kgs in the shade, and would probably get whallopped in a real fight. That’s not […]

Lace Your Kicks Up and March Forward : #DurbanisOurs

Sneakers remain our preferred combat boots as we march onward for individual freedom, expression and to make a statement for the culture – a #DurbanisOurs submission by Sihle Makalima.     I came across a bio on twitter not so long ago that said something along the lines of, “People judge you by the clothes […]