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Codes Are Ready To Launch

Apparently kids are going to hardcore shows again and singing along to songs and everything. Who knew? Evan van Zyl knew which is why he’s the one to fill us in on the debut EP of new hardcore/metalcore act Codes.     CODES has done something interesting to the Durban scene since their arrival. Now […]

Alcoholism and Me

In his latest column, Russell Grant takes a long, hard look in the mirror.     As promised in my last column, today I’m gonna be talking to you guys about alcoholism. In particular, my alcoholism. I promise to do my best to not be self-indulgent, as I know a lot of these types of […]

Take Me Back To Mieliepop, Please?

With Mieliepop only 2 months away, Bob Perfect looks back at last year’s edition of the boutique festival and breaks down why you should add it to your festival bucket list.     Take me back to Mieliepop, please?   I need to go back to the oasis of good times and better music. A […]

5 Questions With Jazteq

The UJ aka Josh Scheepers aka ujochi aka palmdrive is back with yet another questions x 5. This time he introduces us to a local producer with a flair for the old school, Jazteq.     Keanan Naidu aka Jazteq is a producer currently based in Durban, you might have seen him jamming his SP-555 […]

Step Into Durban’s Footobooth

These 6 photographers have teamed up to make stunning portraits with the people of Durban.     If you spend any amount of time on Facebook recently, you’ve definitely seen some of these striking portraits with patterned backdrops populating your newsfeed for the last couple of months. That’s because the Fotobooth collective of photographers has been incredibly busy […]