Pollinator’s Fruit is Subtly Intricate

Jozi’s Pollinator recently came to town to launch their debut album, Fruit. If you missed it, not to worry, you can still hear the album. Recorded music is great like that. Evan van Zyl gave the... Read More

Life Below’s Grim Reality is Quite Perfect

Long after the “glory days” of Durban Hardcore, Life Below have put out one of the best hardcore releases to come out of Durban. Russell Grant breaks down Grim Reality for ya.     Life... Read More

Bateleur Can Make Your Day and Break Your Heart

Everything about Bateleur’s debut and final album is bittersweet.   Words by Leah Jasmine Reed   When I plug in to Bateleur’s new album, I imagine that I’m sitting somewhere up Table... Read More

Birds of Every Feather

Leah Jasmine Reed fills us in on all the amazing performances as well as getting up close with a New York subway saxophonist, trying to appropriate vodka and having an identity crisis at this year’s... Read More

New Music: IAMX EP by MX

In an era of hooks, lyricism usually falls by the wayside. Not with MX, he’s all about wordplay and metaphors so deep “they make Lupe Fiasco look like a preschool teacher.” Sthembelo... Read More

Moment of Truth 2015

Sthembelo Dlamini gives us a rundown of one of the biggest events in the Durban hip-hop calendar.      “It’s such a beautiful day for some hip-hop.” is something that you don’t... Read More

Winnifest #1

 The good old days are here. Bob Perfect Breaks down the inaugural Winnifest. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Winnifest was a prime example of this. That’s not a diss, by the way.... Read More


Holy unexpected miracles Batman! A comic exhibition in Durban and a one day turn around on this post. The times they are a changing!     Last night the new(ish) Open Plan studio off Umgeni road... Read More

Oppi-flu Will Get You

Holy shit, this is so overdue. Bob Perfect finally gathers his thoughts on Oppikoppi.     They say Oppi-flu will get you, but I never expected it to have me this long. I left Oppikoppi with... Read More

DIFF Reviews: Future Sound of Mzansi

Bob Perfect leaves Spoek Mathambo’s doccie on South African electronic music wanting to dance. I still remember the first local electronic song that piqued my interest. I found Sibot’s Super Evil... Read More