Four Corners

We were recently invited to the Durban premier of Four Corners at The Upstairs. Naturally, we went, mostly for the pizza but we stayed because the film had us glued to our seats. Russell Grant gives you... Read More

Vuvuvultures Circling

Vuvuvultures made their way from foggy London town to tour our sunny shores and last week they tore the roof off of Live The Venue. Russel Smith gives a recap of the show. Vuvuvultures flew over from... Read More

The Accidentals’ Catastrophe

To call a band in Durban a “Super Group” may be hyperbolic but for all intents and purposes, that’s what The Accidentals are, a collection of musicians formed out of the ashes of some... Read More

Digby and the Lullaby

We tried to put Matt Knight out of his comfort zone by sending him to watch a band he’d never heard of at a venue he’d never been to but it was to no avail, he found himself quite at home watching... Read More

Majozi at Tuesday Music Sessions

Tuesday Music Sessions is a weekly showcase of talent put on by the I Want My Radio crew at Cool Runnings. Bob Perfect hit up last week’s session to catch a young man with an electric guitar and... Read More

In The City

Since Durban is, well, Durban, Bob Perfect and many other Durbanites had to make the trip to Hate City to watch their favourite bands (The Hives, Alt-J, Skunk Anansie) live at In The City. Fuck it, we’ve... Read More

Redemption At White Mountain

Last year we organised press accred for Fuego Heat to review White Mountain and if you do a quick search of the site, you’ll notice that never happened. The asshole got too drunk to remember anything... Read More

Oceans of Milk

Apparently the Hinds Brothers’ Ocean of Milk is so good that it got Matt Knight to a show and writing for us again. Thanks Hinds Brothers. Matt kinda does a combined album/gig review below, enjoy.     A... Read More

No Country For Old Men

We sent Russel Smith to the recent Slashdogs gig at The Winston Pub with Black Math. He came back finally figuring out what genre Black Math are and explores the relationship between age and Rock ‘n’... Read More

Of Good Report

After all the controversy it caused at DIFF, Of Good Report is finally going to be seen by the public with a national release this Friday. We got our resident film buff, Russel Smith, to review it so you... Read More