The Sisters Explore a Different Side to Fuzz with Systers

The Sisters album cover for Systers EP

The Sisters have become known for pushing the boundaries of fuzz-laden psych rock and their latest EP continues the trend. Evan van Zyl gets all hyped up about it after the jump.       Look,... Read More

Hadeda Are Not Another Two-Piece Garage Band

Hadeda may seem like another two-piece garage band, but we promise you they’re not. Evan van Zyl breaks down the not a two-piece garage band’s mini EP, SNAKES.     As I mentioned... Read More

Nakhane’s You Will Not Die will Heal You

If you’re broken, Nakhane’s You Will Not Die will heal you. Russell Grant gets baptised in it’s healing waters.     When I first heard the new Nakhane album I did what I usually... Read More

Sokool’s Pick of the Month: IV and Neptune – Still Waters EP

SoKool knows whats up. This is evident by her Move Hip Hop blog, the fact that she produces for The Fresh Cut on Gagasi FM, and by her sweat-inducing DJ sets at the dopest jols around the city. That’s... Read More

Yes, Wakanda Forever, but why not South Africa Forever?

After watching the imaginative tour de force that is Black Panther, Sindile Vabaza thinks about the lessons of the movie and how they relate to South Africa’s future.   © 2017 – Disney/Marvel... Read More

The South African Artists on the Black Panther Soundtrack

Yeah, you’ve seen Black Panther 3 times already, but have you listened to the soundtrack? It features some of SA’s top talent alongside Top Dawg Entertainment’s best. Sthembelo Dlamini... Read More

Busy B.A.E

Since making Evan van Zyl’s illustrious Top 10 Alternative Releases of 2017, the Bad Ass Execs have decided to make a run for the 2018 list early. They’ve put out two music videos, a cover... Read More

Codes Are Ready To Launch

Apparently kids are going to hardcore shows again and singing along to songs and everything. Who knew? Evan van Zyl knew which is why he’s the one to fill us in on the debut EP of new hardcore/metalcore... Read More

Dookoom’s The Worst Thing Video Has Less Impact Than Expected

The recently released Dookoom video for The Worst Thing has had less of an impact than when the song was originally released. Russell Grant breaks down why he thinks that is.     DOOKOOM, Cape... Read More

Sipho Has The Gift But Will It Bring Success?

There’s no doubt that Sipho The Gift can rap but in an industry where success isn’t determined by talent, is it enough? Sthembelo Dlamini breaks down Sipho’s first release after a long... Read More