From Lexicon to Lex Lafoy: How the Queenbird Took Flight

Lex Lafoy talks learning and unlearning, confidence and self-love, and making the shift from Lexicon the Poet to the Queen Bee of Honey Bass with Leah Jasmine.   Photo by Llwellyn ‘Juice’... Read More

Chasing the Dream with Gavin Ferguson

Gavin Ferguson has been a staple on Durban’s gigging circuit for a few years now but few know what he gave up to pursue his dreams. Lisa Welsh gets to know the man behind the guitar. Photo by White... Read More

Moving Pictures: Steve Jones, Afri Cine and the Culture of Doing it Yourself

For more than a decade, Steve Jones has been contributing to the local creative scene in the biggest and smallest of ways. His latest project, Afri Cine, is a monthly pop up cinema that focuses on bringing... Read More

5 Questions With Jazteq

The UJ aka Josh Scheepers aka ujochi aka palmdrive is back with yet another questions x 5. This time he introduces us to a local producer with a flair for the old school, Jazteq.   Photo by Shannon... Read More

Welcome To The Stone Palace

When we put out word that we were looking for submissions and contributions to the site, Lisa Welsh was the first to fill our inbox with a passionate request to contribute. Lisa is devoted to letting people... Read More

5 Questions With Vann

In the latest edition of 5 Questions With… Josh Scheepers gets to know local hip-hop producer and rapper Vann and finds out more about DBNKD Records and how it got started.     Vann gets... Read More

The Party Never Ends With Common Creatives

Losing half the members usually means the end for most bands but the party never ends with Common Creatives. Evan van Zyl chats to two of the original members of the band about their evolution and their... Read More

5 Questions with Buli

Yes we love Durban, and yes we exist to serve it, but we also need to let you know about the big bad world outside. Our country is thick with talent, and we want to bring you the best of it.┬áBuli has... Read More

As Loud as a Mouse

With rumours of a new album flying around town, MOUSE sat down with Evan Van Zyl to set the record straight. We talk expectation, mosh-pits, and evolution in our interview with the Durban duo.   Photo... Read More

Five Questions With Rosie Parade

Rosie Parade is a beat slinging bad bitch.     Five’s alive, or a jive, depending on what set of rules you use for Kings. Either way, it’s time once again to get to know a dope human... Read More