The Almost Perfect Podcast – Carvin Goldstone

Yup, we’ve started another podcast. This time our editor Bob Perfect goes one on one with successful(ish) people in an attempt to learn from their mistakes. First up, Carvin Goldstone.   I’ve... Read More

KZNSA -Artists in Focus: Dane Stops

A young woman gazes up toward a pastel blue Durban sky. She has a sweet and gentle face. Below her, dinosaurs and figures of people pop in red and purple tones. This is the latest portrait painted on the... Read More

The New KZNSA Wall is Not What You Think

The KZNSA Gallery has a freshly painted wall thanks to three of Durban’s muralists; Mook Lion, Kev7 and Sphephelo Mnguni with the help of several young future-taggers.     Words and images... Read More

Jaedon Daniel Has The Keys To His Future

Jaedon Daniel is a creative force who is steadily taking over Durban from behind his keyboard. Bob Perfect chats to the young maestro about his musical upbringing, collaboration and so much more.   Photo... Read More

5 Questions With Write Off

Don’t write off Write Off, or do, they don’t give a fuck either way. They’re making fast and heavy pissed off hardcore punk music because they’ve been written off before. Get to... Read More

Hated Related Emigrated – An Interview with Barron Harley

After dropping a “really fucking good” Hated Related EP, Barron Harley bounced from sunny Durbs for cold and miserable Scotland. We were worried that that would be the end of Hated Related,... Read More

Melted Podcast Ep2 – Grandpa Swamp

In the second episode of the Melted Podcast, we chat to a Swamp Thing from Cape Town looking to make Durban hearts sing.     Who is Grandpa Swamp, you ask? Grandpa Swamp is a shaggy-haired Capetonian... Read More

5 Questions With Zama Dlamini

The Ooj has been beamed up to the big spaceship in the sky, but his legacy lives on through 5 Questions with… This time, Leah Jasmine gets intergalactic (planetary) with our Durban Designer for April,... Read More

Van Pletzen are ‘The Lekkerness’

van pletzen die beats amazing

Between a satin bomber jacket, a Moot tee and one Woolworths packet filled with Famous Grouse – Charlene Dos Ramos sat down with two-piece band Van Pletzen at Lush. The topics of discussion: the... Read More

Victoria Raw Opens Up About Edith Benson

She’s a speech and drama teacher. A model. An incredible neo-soul vocalist and a warm, beautiful soul. Victoria Raw. She’s a force to be reckoned with. This Sunday, Victoria is hosting a fundraiser... Read More