Magic: The Gathering and the Importance of Good Hobby Keeping

In his latest monthly column, Russell Grant takes a look at the importance of having healthy hobbies.     “I’d like to take a few minutes to talk to you about our Lord and Saviour, Magic:... Read More

Durban Womxn Playwrights

It’s no secret that theatre in Durban isn’t exactly thriving, but this local collective of womxn playwrights have teamed up to change that by building each other up whilst taking on the patriarchy... Read More

Replika, Meet Me

As we hurtle towards the robotic and AI driven future, we need to think deeper about how we view these beings and how we integrate them into our society. Liz Dom shares her experiences with and thoughts... Read More

20 Places To Get Coffee That Don’t Rhyme With Sucks

Local is lekker.     Here at DIY we require a fairly severe amount of coffee to keep us going. Between our day jobs, passion projects and joints, we require the legal stimulant so that we can... Read More

Psyched Out At Endless Daze

As a local psych kid, Evan van Zyl thought he was psych enough for Psych Night’s Endless Daze. He was not. That didn’t stop him from having the time of his life at the niche festival.   Photo... Read More

Voodoo Womxn

Leah Jasmine found the shroud of femininity she needed in Kat Kali’s Voodoo Womxn exhibition. Maybe you will too?     I was intrigued by Kat Kali’s instagram handle before I had a clue... Read More

Turn To Paige: Good Vibes And Music

If you’ve peeped her IG or read the interview with her on 10 and 5, you know Paige Furness has an eye for what’s good. That’s why we’ve given her a monthly feature to shoot whatever... Read More

Taken For Granted: Durban’s Hollywood Problem

We’ve given Russell Grant a monthly column to talk about whatever he sees fit. In his first column, he tries to tackle an issue that’s pervasive around the world from a grass-roots level.       Much... Read More

Lady Kill

In the spirit of Halloween, Leah Jasmine shares this terrifying tale of what happened to a bad dude with terrible tattoos.     Jonty liked many things. He liked the way streetlights glowed in... Read More

Spotting the Durban Spotter

Through pursuing his passion, Malusi Msomi has gone from parking cars at the Elangeni Hotel to being the go-to-guy for automobile appreciation in Durban. Sthembelo Dlamini spent a day talking passionately... Read More