The 7 Best All Day Breakfast Spots in Durban

We know how hard it is to get a hangover breakfast at a time that is reasonable for a hangover breakfast. At some restaurants, egss and bacon magically become lunch foods at 11 am but never fear, Leah... Read More

Why Battle of the Bands Suck

Despite how awesome Scott Pilgrim vs The World made band battles look, they actually suck IRL. Bob Perfect breaks down why.     Ah, Battle of the Bands. Exploitative popularity contests that... Read More

A Retrospective of the Cape Town International Animation Festival

If you couldn’t make the Cape Town International Animation Festival because, well, it was in Cape Town, fear not – Carrie Wilson attended the CTIAF and took notes on all the most important... Read More

On Boxing and the Benefits of Sucking

You don’t only have to do the things you’re good at. Russell Grant explores the benefits of sucking in his latest column.     I am not a fighter, nor am I a believer in strict dichotomies.... Read More

Lace Your Kicks Up and March Forward : #DurbanisOurs

Sneakers remain our preferred combat boots as we march onward for individual freedom, expression and to make a statement for the culture – a #DurbanisOurs submission by Sihle Makalima.     I... Read More

It’s the Time of the Writer

Calling all bookworms, poetry lovers and fanatics of the written word, Time of the Writer is back.     In the immortal words of Grandmaster Flash: You know what time it is. It’s time for the... Read More

Skate Your Laces Off

In the immortal words of Limp Bizkit: Keep rolling, rolling, rolling… Leah Jasmine spends a day with Durban’s Derby Dames. Photo by Russell Grant   When I think of contact sport I think... Read More

Walk the Walk: Sindile Vabaza on a Shift in Mindset

In this country, many men and women are not fully acclimated to the idea that a woman’s body is her own. Sindile Vabaza looks at how and why we need to change that.   Image source:   Trigger... Read More

Alcoholism and Me

In his latest column, Russell Grant takes a long, hard look in the mirror.   CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson / Alpha Stock Images   As promised in my last column, today I’m gonna be talking to... Read More

Take Me Back To Mieliepop, Please?

With Mieliepop only 2 months away, Bob Perfect looks back at last year’s edition of the boutique festival and breaks down why you should add it to your festival bucket list.   Photo by Paige... Read More