5 Questions With Write Off

Don’t write off Write Off, or do, they don’t give a fuck either way. They’re making fast and heavy pissed off hardcore punk music because they’ve been written off before. Get to know them better in just 5 questions and check out their debut music video below.     Write Off have been around for a […]

5 Questions With Zama Dlamini

The Ooj has been beamed up to the big spaceship in the sky, but his legacy lives on through 5 Questions with… This time, Leah Jasmine gets intergalactic (planetary) with our Durban Designer for April, Zama Dlamini aka cosmicwhatever.   1. What’s your favourite thing to doodle? Jellyfish, mushrooms, and UFOs. They all have a […]

5 Questions With Jazteq

The UJ aka Josh Scheepers aka ujochi aka palmdrive is back with yet another questions x 5. This time he introduces us to a local producer with a flair for the old school, Jazteq.     Keanan Naidu aka Jazteq is a producer currently based in Durban, you might have seen him jamming his SP-555 […]

5 Questions With Vann

In the latest edition of 5 Questions With… Josh Scheepers gets to know local hip-hop producer and rapper Vann and finds out more about DBNKD Records and how it got started.     Vann gets lexical after I ask him a couple of questions about what he’s up to, what he thinks about robots making […]

5 Questions with Buli

Yes we love Durban, and yes we exist to serve it, but we also need to let you know about the big bad world outside. Our country is thick with talent, and we want to bring you the best of it. Buli has steadily been building a rep through collaborating with bigger names such as Thor […]

Five Questions With Rosie Parade

Rosie Parade is a beat slinging bad bitch.     Five’s alive, or a jive, depending on what set of rules you use for Kings. Either way, it’s time once again to get to know a dope human being who is also a dope human doing dope things. It’s dope all the way down. This […]

Five Questions With Rose Bonica

We get 5 on it once again, this time with the multi-talented Rose Bonica.   The king of naps is back with yet another five questions with yet another dope producer you probably don’t know, yet. This time Josh Scheepers finds out if multi-disciplined artist Rose Bonica has ever had an extraterrestrial counter, and we […]

Five Questions with Fernando Damon

The king of naps, Josh Scheepers, is tired of you sleeping on local producers.     Twitter’s favourite nap star, Josh Scheepers aka palmdrive, is tired of you sleeping on SA’s dopest underground producers. In this short new monthly (maybe bimonthly, we’ll see) series, Josh uncovers a South African producer you should be listening to and […]

Moment of Truth 2015

Sthembelo Dlamini gives us a rundown of one of the biggest events in the Durban hip-hop calendar.      “It’s such a beautiful day for some hip-hop.” is something that you don’t hear very often but the 8th annual Moment Of Truth was exactly that and more. Dudes were swagged out to the max, ladies […]

Can Plants Help Us Decolonise?

Plants in their natural habitat are not static, but they do move very slowly. They’ve served as witnesses to our history, and have their own stories to tell.     To most people, plants grow in the abstract. In South Africa, we’re blessed with lush flora, so much so that during the period of colonisation […]

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