The Almost Perfect Podcast – Carvin Goldstone

Yup, we’ve started another podcast. This time our editor Bob Perfect goes one on one with successful(ish) people in an attempt to learn from their mistakes. First up, Carvin Goldstone.


I’ve been threatening to start this podcast for at least a year now but now you know, I don’t make threats, only promises. This is The Almost Perfect Podcast, a celebration of fuck-ups, failures and falling flat on your face. It’s a podcast that believes you can learn from experience, but that experience doesn’t have to be your own.

In the first episode of The Almost Perfect Podcast I get to know Durban’s comedy godfather, Carvin Goldstone. We dig into the early days of his comedy career, we discuss the pressures of his role in comedy, we learn a bit about his rap and journalism careers, and we find out what he gets from his parents. We also chat about his Comic’s Choice Award wins this weekend and why he’s not accepting them.

I’m stoked this is the first episode of this podcast, Carvin is one of my favourite people and we’ll definitely be doing this again down the road. You can give the first episode a listen on Soundcloud and Anchor below, and look out for it on your favourite podcasting platform real soon.



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