WATCH: Missu & Red Robyn Drop Dilemma Video

Here’s the music video for Dilemma by Missu & Red Robyn. We’re kind of playing it on repeat right now.



Missu & Red Robyn were both on our list of acts to watch last year, and we’ve been waiting for some decent pop to come out of Durban for a minute. Of course, this offering isn’t true pop to its core, it’s clearly influenced by the vast range of music that Missu & Red Robyn consume with notes coming through that’s a bit like if M.I A. and Vulfpeck had a lovechild. Luke Nelson directs the video for Dilemma, a song that’s laced with delayed harmonics and reminisces 80s synth beats as though somebody dropped a TR-808 into space. Nelson directs Missu and Red Robyn around iconic scenes of Durban through the lens of a dream-pop fantasy full of light leaks and freestyle dance moves. It treads the line between future & nostalgic perfectly, with just enough balance to make it a dance hit that you can listen to comfortably at home. Cinematographer Luke Nelson paints our city in a uniquely romantic light, an impossible task without the raw and honest charisma of Red Robyn and Missu, alongside the dancing of Chad Whitby.


We haven’t seen Ash de Gee, aka Red Robyn, on the scene for a while and our guess is that she’s been on something of a hiatus. Thank god it’s over because the city of Durban is a sweeter place when she sings. Her vocal style hits all the right RnB notes with enough sass to drop a couple of bars in between her honey-soaked verses. She compliments producer Sean Ross, aka Missu, with a flair that flaunts the connection between the two, as they wrote the song in parallel. Missu has found a way to experiment with his unique soundscape by being on the pulse of what’s new in terms of music – he’s a DJ after all – whilst being equipped with an arsenal of classics to add just the right amount of cheese on top of a hearty earful of sound. The song itself deals with the difficult choices we need to make in order to find the right direction, and is a taste of the multi-genre EP Missu will be dropping next week.


Watch this right now.

Cover image by Paige Furness.

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