WATCH: Van Pletzen get high with SAPS in ‘Zaberfluten’

Afrikaans satire bromance of the century, Van Pletzen, is back with their latest music video Zaberfluten. Charlene Dos Ramos thinks this may be the highest point in the freshman release to date.


Van Pletzen release ‘Zaberfluten’ video


The video has everything you didn’t realise you needed, from “vegetable meat,” Schalk Bezuidenhout, Nik Nax grunts and a ton of Zaab. The only thing it’s missing is papier. What opens with a lekker lit vissie braai, ends in a hazy golden hour as the duo indulges in dank zaab with a polisieman.



In all seriousness, this is my favourite Van Pletzen video to date. This video is fresh, funny and epitomises both the band and satire narrative they have established with KakLekkeVibe. I’d recommend rolling a fatty and putting this video on repeat. All day.

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