Man Walks Into a Bar – An Interactive Murder Mystery

DIY’s own video guy Matthew Cuthbert has made an interactive murder mystery short film that’ll have you watching and rewatching until you’ve exhausted all possible outcomes.


Remember books? Books used to be so cool. They’re all gone now. It’s tragic, but at least we saved the trees. Oh, we didn’t save the trees? Fuck. If only we could go back in time and change things. There used to be books where you could do that. They were called Choose Your Own Adventure books, where you’d get to the end of a page and have to choose what you did next, then you’d have to flip to different pages in the book depending on the choices you made throughout the story, with one finger always keeping the place of where you were- just in case you made a choice that saw you meeting your grisly demise.


DIY’s own Matthew Cuthbert clearly read a lot of Choose Your Own Aventure books because the young filmmaker has gone and made an interactive murder mystery short film. Watching it is gonna feel hella familiar because it’s set at The Winston Pub and features songs and performances from Mouse and Hadeda. So it’s basically a typical Saturday night at The Pub. Except somebody dies. Who? How? Why? Well, that’s for you to figure out, and the choices you make change what happens. It’s a really ambitious and creative project, and Matt managed to get the most out of a student crew by substituting his lack of budget with his mac & cheese making skills.


Give it a watch below, and then another one, and then another one, like DJ Khaled pretending he made a new song, because you’re going to want to see all the different outcomes.



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