Durban is Ours Call for Submissions: Pride

June is Pride month, so, naturally, we figured the Durban is Ours theme for this month should be Pride and what it means to you. As per usual, you can submit in any medium your heart desires, so long as we can actually post it on the blog. Our Durban Designer of the month Kyle van Zyl made these illustrations signifying the different facets of the LGBTQ+ community and his partnerĀ Jonathan Cohen put together the descriptions so you can learn whilst looking at the pretty illustrations.



Thanks to a decision by a bisexual polyamorist leather fetishist named Brenda Howard in 1969, June is Pride month.

June is a time of celebration for LGBTQ+ people – our refusal to accept the norms of society, be it gender, race or sexuality, combined with the Pride of living differently to that norm, infuses the entire community with a mad sparkle. Originating as a commemorative March for the Stonewall Riots, Pride has taken on another meaning – one of visibility, one of presence, and one of joy at our mere existence.



The Pride flag is a rainbow, representative of the diversity of the LGBT community.



The trans flag, on the right, has blue stripes to represent masculinity, pink for femininity, and white as a symbol of those who sit comfortably between the two.



The bisexual flag underneath it has a pink stripe to represent attraction to the same sex, blue for attraction to the opposite sex, and purple, for where those attractions overlap.



Pansexuality is represented by the third flag. The blue stripe represents those who identify as male, the pink represents those identifying as female, and the yellow represents attraction to all genders, including non-binary, gender fluid and bifluid, regardless of physical sex.



Finally, there is the intersex flag – non-gendered, hermaphroditic colors of purple and yellow, designed to be something “that is not derivative, but yet is firmly grounded in meaning.”


Have something to express about what Pride means to you? Email [email protected] with your submissions.



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