5 Questions With Write Off

Don’t write off Write Off, or do, they don’t give a fuck either way. They’re making fast and heavy pissed off hardcore punk music because they’ve been written off before. Get to know them better in just 5 questions and check out their debut music video below.


Photo by Russell Grant


Write Off have been around for a minute. And by a minute, I mean over a year. Coming post-break-up from Deadpandoll, Cara Munroe and Roxanne Baney joined Colin Masurik and Tyler “Durban” from Common Creatives, to form this messy hardcore-punk band. During their time playing in and around Durban, they have released one noisy live session, (which I am 100% sure was recorded on a phone) and a single, which was put together with a little more polish, for enjoyment that won’t destroy your hearing after more than one listen. After more piles of shows, including ones with the likes of international touring acts, like ASHES, these dudes have decided to drop a music video for the aforementioned single, The World is Going to End. So in the spirit of today’s release, I caught up with the band to hear their thoughts on aliens, the apocalypse, and punk music.


Single link: https://writeoff.bandcamp.com/


A lot of people claim that there is life out there. Do you guys believe? Do you want to believe?

Tyler: Double yes. God is an astronaut, time is a flat circle, it has happened before it will happen again.


Colin: We believe the life is below, to quote Jack Johnson: “People always looking up when they should be digging down”. So if “out there” means anywhere but the surface, then yes. Also, there are too many probabilities in our galaxy to deny that it’s possible.


Tyler: Oh fuck, here we go.


Cara: This question hurts my brain.


How did your two worlds collide? Coming from Common Creatives and Deadpandoll, what made you guys start this quest, and how did you find middle ground amongst Indie and Punk?

Cara: Well, Colin said he’d play drums for us – even though he couldn’t play drums at the time, but he said he’d learn, which he kinda has. We didn’t have a drummer so we thought “What the heck, let’s give it a go.” Tmac (Tyler) was just standing in the room at that practice and he got sucked into the void. Not really by choice though.

[With regards to genre] We’ve never really discussed a style of music. We just keep going with ‘heavier’ and ‘faster’. It seems to be the consensus.


Colin: The stars aligned and the freckles on our skins matched up with the areas of the first creations of the cosmos and brought us together. A total alignment of what should have been and what will be.


Hardcore Punk lends itself to a lot of anger, what makes you guys angry?

Tyler: The world, myself, the cyclical nature of things, people treating people like people treat people.


Cara: People who litter. People who cut in line. People who are kak to animals. People who immigrate and then talk smack about our country. People who call you late at night to offer you funeral policies. People who don’t support local music. Politicians.


Does punk rock still have a place in political discourse?

Tyler: Yes, but we need to be louder.


Cara: Most definitely. In all honesty, though, our focus is more on social discourse right now. ‘Write Off’ comes from the direct meanings; an object that is badly damaged and can’t be repaired, or, in financial terms, bad debts and worthless assets. I guess that’s referring to how our generation feels in a world dominated by money/driven by materialism.


After the great interplanetary battle of 2049, which Durban band will rule the post-apocalyptic wastelands?

Tyler: Life Below will probably have been aroused by all the volcanic eruptions and be the first band to distill a song into an explosion. Durban will be turned into the People’s Funkpublic of Cameron Lofstrand. Sun Xa Experiment will have enough members to be a sovereign state.


Cara: By post-apocalyptic wastelands do you mean the Winston?

Life-Below, Violence, Codes, Taekwondo Sleepover, Hadeda, Mouse, Harbingers, and obviously Write-Off, will all be ok. Durban bands are like cockroaches. Most of the time you don’t notice us ‘cos we’re lurking in a dark corner, but we’re never gonna die.


Colin: The only way to survive, is to adapt. As trends lend themselves to a 20-year resurgence, being able to mold yourself ahead of the rest will be what gives you the upper hand. With saying that, MOUSE will reign supreme and feast on the flesh of the fallen.




Video by Woogy W Woog of Makesomefilms

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